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"With a sickening, wet thunk, the dagger slammed into Chuck’s chest, burying itself to the hilt."


"Newt moved away from Thomas’s side and toward Alby—but five or six Grievers had already burst to life and attacked the boy in a blur of metal and skin.”


"Please, Tommy. Please."


"I only ever… cared for…"



Yo what the fuck happened to Keaton Henson that his songs are perfectly suited to a show about traumatized queer zombies in a bleak post-apocalyptic rural northern english village i s2g keaton r u okay


I’m so used to trilogies in YA now that whenever an author announces another book in the series it’s like ….are you sure???

"for better or worse Ian and Mickey can’t keep away from each other, and it doesn’t seem anyone or anything can keep them apart either."


"I love the way you smirk."

zoe: what do i say to alex london if i meet him
kat: tell him he's a dick for killing knox
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in the flesh character + name meanings

1/10 favorite musicians → Miles Kane

lee being adorable at sdcc [x]